Daily Pool Services

We will test pool chemistry and make adjustments if necessary. Daily services also include checking circulation equipment and chemical feed system to verify that it is working properly. Any maintenance will be taken care of immediately (i.e. backwashing, cleaning pump basket, etc.). Checking that chemical feed barrels have enough supply to last through the day until the next visit, adding water to pool if needed (depending on how low the water level is and fill system available, help from someone on-site may be necessary). Deck furniture will be organized and trash will be picked up. Pool vacuuming will be done once per week, second as necessary, third at additional charge. Scooping and brushing will be done daily if necessary. Skimmer baskets will be emptied daily. 

Repairs & Maintenance

If there are any repairs necessary that are outside the scope of the daily service, Splash will notify the community manager or HOA board as to the best course of action to reduce any closure time. Estimates available if requested. 

Emergency Service

Splash is available 24 hours/day 7 days/week for emergency calls. If pool users notice anything that would cause an unsafe swimming condition, Splash should be contacted immediately to remedy the situation. This could be but is not limited to fecal release, water that is too cloudy, or equipment circulation failure etc.